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June 27-29: Exhibition in Berlin to NEW NOISEAUX Song, Film, Art, Activism, Storytelling-Projekt "Wall of Wellness", Stop Telling Women to Smile, HollabackBLN, "48h Neukölln" -

Context : art festival 48h Neukölln (traditionally diverse Berlin neighbourhood fighting gentrification by art festivals… wait) and much more important the two fabulous initiatives Hollaback!Berlin and Stop Telling Women to Smile; the latter being the art and resistance project by brooklyn visual artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh. She will premiere her large scale drawings of some proud women of berlin fighting street harrassment.  

During the exhibitions there will also be an activist space, inviting you to show your own artwork, get together and network!

German info:

follow on tumblr: hollabackberlintatyanafazlalizadeh

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Why Whites Call People Of Colour "Racist" -


I have been called “racist” by White people whenever I specifically reject a legislative, political, media/film/art, or cultural manifestation of White supremacy. I’ve also been called “racist” for recounting any experience that I have had with racism. The actual act of naming what I heard or…

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“Everything is a black woman. That was the proposition. It was an acceptance of self and an acceptance of these weird limitations that are imposed on this self, my subjectivity—and then to try and look at historical images: at incidents of colonialism, at the formation of the idea of America, of slavery. Different sorts of representations of blackness within all of that—it sort of freed me up to approach everything this way, even though it imposed these very extreme limitations on a point of view. It was that paradox that I really wanted to try and articulate. Not just the history, the images, but also the paradoxical, contradictory mechanics.” — Kara Walker talking to her father Larry Walker in BOMB Magazine: (via blackfeminismlives)

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People who act like it’s a POCs responsibility to be cordial and composed when interacting with racists instead of it being a person’s responsibility to not be a fucking shit-stain racist baffle me

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This is so wonderful. I wrote this piece about Othello’s internalized racism, but kept it mostly textual. Here’s all that historical context missing from my writeup. motherfuckingshakespeare and williamshakespearethings take note.